Alfa Gemini manifesto

In 2018, we had the idea to create an independent label. We faced a question: how not to get lost among thousands of record companies and how to motivate artists to create genuine masterpieces. Thanks to the development of technology, almost everyone has the opportunity to realize his or her ideas in a small home studio and we welcome this technological revolution. However, the progress has another side of the coin: the Internet has become filled with musical junk of all possible genres, fashion and trends have begun to dictate ways to attract the audience to get big profits. We do not want to go this way.

We came to the conclusion that the renaissance of electronic music came from 1990 to 2008 (yes, this is a very subjective date, but we think so) and we take exactly this period as a basis when choosing musical direction of our label. This does not mean that after the 2000s music has become worse. No. Currently, thousands of talented musicians from Armin van Buuren to Above and Beyond and from Aphex Twin to Jon Hopkins can be found on the electronic stage, however, every day it becomes more difficult to find idea and message in the mass of music.

 We are creating a label to become a brick in the foundation of a new renaissance and we realize the complexity of our idea, but, like the hero of the One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest novel, we should at least try to do it.

We focus on the following genres: melodic IDM, House (Deep, Progressive) and of course Trance (only Progressive or Progressive with Uplifting elements). Currently, we do not accept demo recordings. Reception of records will begin in early 2019.

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