Mastering and Mixdown service @ Alfa Gemini Studio by Konstantin Klem

Alfa Gemini studio provides services for the mixdown and mastering of your records.
Mastering is a final stage of your music processing before releasing it on CDs, distribute it via online stores (such as Apple iTunes, Yandex music, etc.). Its purpose is obtaining the highest possible sound quality by normalizing it according to the international standards. For this purpose, the balance of the audio signal loudness is leveled, its strengths are intensified, weaknesses are offset. The piece of music becomes more vivid, all the subtle record nuances that the author tried to get across in the music come to the forefront. Normalization of a mix allows to preserve excellent quality when listening on different devices (a home speaker system, radio receiver) and in various locations (a vehicle speaker system, concert venue, etc.).
When working on your music piece we use the hybrid scheme of mastering i.e. a combination of the digital and analog equipment.

Read the recommendations below.

 Requirements to the audio material for mastering:

  • WAV files, 24 or 32 bit – no dithering, a sample-rate – 44.1 kHz;
  • The master channel should not be overloaded with peak values. The loudness allowance should be minimum – 3 – 4 dB (if necessary we recommend reducing the loudness of all the channels evenly, except the loudness of the master bus);
  • When exporting a track there should be no effects on the master bus (including equalizers and various stereo enhancers);

Requirements to the audio material for mixdown:

  • Separate tracks (or STEMS) in the WAV format (see the requirements above), or projects in Ableton Live (versions 9 or 10) sequencer are provided;

An example of a track for the British Lange Recordings label. The track was released in the vinyl format – 12 inches, with several thousands of copies.

An example of a track for the British label – Aurora Digital. The track made it to the radio show of the DJ and producer Armin van Buuren – A State of Trance three times.

A remix for the American Oh Boy Les Mecs band. The original mix of the track was used in the movie The Dyatlov Pass Incident

An example of an instrumental track mixed and mastered by Alfa Gemini

Specify the link to the zip archive with your music within the letter. Upload the archive to any available file hosting service (for example, Google disk)

The content of the ZIP archive (different depending on the task):

  • Your work exported to MP3;
  • The unprocessd WAV file (see the requirements);
  • 2 or 3 reference tracks (MP3 or a link);

Specify your contact information: e-mail or FaceBook page.

We will specify the payment requisites and the task performance time-frame in the response letter. The average time-frame is:

Mastering – 3 days (15$ per track).

Mixdown – 3 days (23$ per track).